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Podcast Software Review

Everybody has a podcast today. Your mother, your mother’s buddies, your mother’s canine, and your mother’s canine’s buddies have a podcast today. With so many choices, how do you rise above the noise, preserve listeners engaged for longer than 30 seconds and, hopefully, entice sponsors someday? You’ve an awesome thought, you’re a superb conversationalist, however you then get the interview and (gasp) and the sound is dodgy. The hum of the air conditioner and fluorescent mild bulbs pull you out of the second. Even worse, you mentioned the improper date mid-sentence. Don’t freak out. Put up-production is the place the magic occurs. With the proper podcast software program, you’ll nonetheless have an unbelievable present in your arms by the point you’re executed.

How we chosen the very best podcasting software

Following acquisition a number of hours of practical experience an conducting interviews and audio editing under many studio lights with a professional engineer and subject we’re identifying programs that might be capable of providing results of a professional caliber when we’re capturing circumstances. We selected these 5 apps based mostly on their intuitive qualities, and their skill to render nice sound whereas modifying a recording you captured—even should you didn’t drop your complete paycheck on the very best microphones, mixing headphones, and/or voice recorder.

How to choose the finest podcasting software: Things to consider

Unleash the power of top-tier podcast software to craft your audio masterpiece. Is your software equipped for seamless cuts, elegant crossfades, and a rich array of essential audio filters? Precision is key in audio production, where even the slightest tremor can leave its mark on your soundwaves. Your podcast is your legacy, and you don’t just want it to be great; you want it to be extraordinary. To record with confidence, you deserve the best tools at your fingertips.

Are all computer programs created equally?

Podcast software packages come with different features. Some specialize in cleaning up interviews, others are proficient at content editing, and a select few offer music composition tools. Prioritize your comfort and needs over the price tag when making a choice.

What are the requirements for launching a podcast?

Launching a podcast without prior experience or significant expenses is entirely feasible. You can begin by using your iPhone in conjunction with free digital audio workstation (DAW) applications like Audacity or Apple’s GarageBand. While these DAWs offer basic features, they serve as valuable training grounds to refine your editing skills and lay the foundation for more advanced software in the future.

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However, it’s essential not to overly obsess about minor details during the initial phases. Keep a laser focus on one crucial aspect: content. Compelling and engaging content is the cornerstone that retains and attracts listeners. Even as you navigate the learning curve of editing, the most exceptional podcast software offers you the capability to refine, reduce, or entirely eliminate unwanted noise while amplifying the elements that resonate with your audience.

The best podcasting software: Recommendations & Criticisms

Unearthing the perfect podcast recording software that aligns seamlessly with your workflow is a pivotal step in transforming your podcast into something truly extraordinary. While there are numerous methods for recording, editing, and publishing podcasts, finding an editing program that feels tailor-made can be a daunting task. To set you on the path toward your podcasting aspirations, we’ve curated a list of five exceptional podcast software recording tools.


Audacity takes the lead as the finest free podcast software for those just starting out. It’s not only free but also exceptionally user-friendly, sparing you from the hassle of reading manuals.


  • Free, open-source software program
  • Limitless audio tracks
  • Full mixer view


  • Straightforward-to-use interface
  • Clean stereo recording
  • Intuitive audio file editor
  • Holds its personal towards pricier opponents


  • Wants higher plugin assist
  • Lengthy lag or break when opening the software program
  • Enhancing and results choices are restricted
  • Open-source, so no actual assist out there

Audacity stands as a robust and adaptable open-source audio editor, serving diverse audio recording needs. Compatible with multiple platforms, it benefits from continuous improvements thanks to dedicated volunteers. Audacity enables live audio recording, media digitization, and supports an array of effect plug-ins like LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, and Audio Unit, complete with real-time previews. Notably, it offers unlimited undo and redo functions, all without costing a dime. Its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go audio tasks, and its longstanding presence assures reliability.


Auphonic takes the crown as the ideal podcast software for newcomers thanks to its swift, user-friendly nature and its straightforward focus on improving sound quality.


  • App- and web-based
  • Free for two hours of content material monthly
  • Automated speech recognition with transcript generator/editor
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  • AI does the give you the results you want
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Professional-quality sound


  • Chilly AI interface
  • You continue to ought to examine your podcast for flaws
  • Not quite a lot of room for private contact up

Auphonic is an audio service available as both an app and a web platform. It employs a combination of signal processing and AI to eliminate noise and perform automated edits for your podcast. The process is as simple as uploading your file and letting the technology do the work, all at no cost. This can be particularly cost-effective for shorter or less frequent episodes, with up to two hours of usage provided for free. Auphonic includes leveling, normalization, and other algorithms to bring your audio in line with broadcasting standards like EBU R128, ATSC A/85, and Mobile. Furthermore, it can encode the final product into various formats, add metadata and chapter marks, and automatically distribute it to platforms like Dropbox, (S)FTP, HTTP, Google Drive, Cloud Storage, WebDAV, (Amazon) S3, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Libsyn, Podlove, Zapier, Blubrry, or Archive.org.

GarageBand (For Mac)

When it comes to Mac users, GarageBand takes the cake as the ultimate podcast software. It offers a hassle-free way to kickstart your podcast from scratch, and the cherry on top is that it’s a built-in feature on all new Mac and iOS devices.


  • Included on new iOS/macOS gadgets
  • Helps as much as 255 tracks
  • Bundled audio clips and content material: 15 GB


  • Straightforward-to-use recording and mixing capabilities
  • Simply helps third-party plug-ins and import 24-bit information
  • Constructed-in sound library grows regularly


  • Massive mission information, which may simply replenish the storage
  • No view of the blending console out there
  • Extra of a studying curve than some apps
  • Most helpful utilizing iOS gadgets

GarageBand is the ultimate podcasting tool for Mac, iPad, and iPhone users. It transforms your macOS or iOS device into a fully-equipped multitrack recording studio. Whether you’re crafting suspenseful drama or concealing identities, GarageBand offers a rich sound library with presets for voice processing and a range of virtual musical instruments to create mood-setting compositions. Its user-friendly, contemporary design is ideal for iPad, while taking full advantage of Touch Bar controls on macOS and pre-M1 MacBook Pros. With GarageBand, you can effortlessly build and broadcast your podcast to a global audience. And if you decide to take your productions to the next level, you can seamlessly import your work from GarageBand into Logic Pro, its more advanced sibling.


Hindenburg takes the crown as the best podcast recording software because it excels at capturing the intricacies of dialogue.


  • Import 24-bit audio information
  • Auto Replace creates a restoration file as soon as each minute
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  • Made particularly for voice-oriented podcasting and radio manufacturing
  • Helps all kinds of audio information
  • One-click publishing to SoundCloud and different widespread internet hosting companies


  • Multitrack recording and multiple-destination publishing solely out there in PRO paid model
  • Lacks mix- and tone-sculpting options in conventional music-production DAWs

Ever wondered how Terry Gross achieves that velvety, warm sound on Fresh Air? While I can’t provide you with her microphone, I can certainly unveil the secret to attaining NPR-level audio quality and seamless transitions using software. If you’re looking to elevate your podcast to a level of professionalism akin to NPR, look no further than Hindenburg. It’s not just any audio editor; it’s a comprehensive, top-quality tool specifically designed for spoken-word content. With Hindenburg, you can seamlessly integrate hardware, manage your audio tracks, import files, apply automatic leveling, noise reduction, and much more, whether you’re hosting in-studio guests or remote contributors. Hindenburg is the epitome of professional-grade software, available in two versions: the single-track LITE version for $99 (perpetual license or $12 monthly) and the multitrack PRO pack for $399 (perpetual license or $10 monthly). It’s a must-have for dedicated podcasters and serious journalists. Both versions offer a 30-day trial period. And if you’re in need of a simple field recorder, Hindenburg even offers an iOS app with a user-friendly one-dial compressor for capturing clips and seamlessly sending them to the PRO or LITE platforms.


Anchor is the ultimate Swiss Army knife for your podcast, loaded with a plethora of features.


  • Audio encoded in stereo at 44.1 kHz, 128 kbit/s CBR
  • Embedded participant performs higher-quality variations by default
  • Authentic information recorded as .MP3 or .M4A are handed alongside to your podcast feed


  • Free
  • Straightforward recording and posting options
  • Straightforward path to monetization


  • Restricted modifying options
  • Comparatively unstable

Anchor, accessible on iOS, Android, and desktop, is a top choice for remote podcast recording, suitable for both newcomers and experienced podcasters. This versatile platform offers integrated tools for uploading, recording, editing, and streamlined publishing on major platforms like Spotify. Anchor also grants access to comprehensive analytics from these platforms. Furthermore, it offers various monetization options, including subscriptions and an internal crowdfunding platform that allows your listeners to make direct contributions. Additionally, Anchor features an Ads by Anchor program, seamlessly inserting sponsor-read advertisements into each of your podcast episodes.

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